The Future is Now: Amazon Dash

Well gang, this is it.  The apocalypse is here.  Put your pencils down, say good bye to your loved ones, turn off the lights.

by Robert Graves

Amazon Dash is a button.  A specific button that guards a specific item in your house.  For example, ham.  You place your Dash button next to your ham, and when you’re out, you press it.  Amazon, at least in some specific areas, will bring you more ham within the HOUR.  You read that correctly.  One hour delivery of your every day products.

This next step was inevitable.  Amazon Prime members often order every day household items in a recurring pattern.  They have free shipping, and its nice to get toilet paper sent to your door every month.  And spending just a little bit less on your grocery bill is not to shabby either.

Amazon’s new foray into the goods delivery market has required they build storage warehouses in cities around the country.  The fruit of their efforts is now ham within the hour.  And not just ham.  There is a long list of companies signed up, including Gerber and Tide.  Good news for baby raisers indeed and  all at the push of a button.

shopping elf

“Honey, the shopping is finished!”

At the moment, Amazon Dash remains in the trial phase.  They’ve sent out invitations to Prime members and will be sending a select few the buttons.  We have asked for one as well, because we might think its a bit far but WE NEED SOME HAM PEOPLE.  We will put together a review once we receive it.

Now the real question begins, if shipping was free, do I tip the ham delivery guy?  (yes, yes you do)

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