Jurassic World

Universal Posts Cryptic Easter Dino Egg

Universal Studios sent a cryptic tweet out on Easter.  It’s an Easter Dino Egg!  But what does it mean?

by Robert Graves

For Easter, Universal let loose a picture of incubating dinosaur eggs.  On some of the eggs were QR codes, and a foreshadowing message was placed on top.  “The Hunt is on. Happy Easter from Isla Nublar. ”

its an Easter Dino Egg!

its an Easter Dino Egg!

If it’s one thing people love more than Dinosaurs, its easter eggs.

Scanning at least one of the QR codes leads you to a picture of a desk and a book.  The book, written by Ian Malcolm, is entitled “God Creates Dinosaurs”, a prolific line in the original Jurassic Park.  Malcolm explains: “God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs.  God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.”  Of course the logical conclusion is “Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.” as explained by Dr. Ellie Sattler.

The image at the end of the QR rope only brings more questions.  Dr. Malcolm, a “chaotician” believed the world was governed by the anomalies created by the system.  That outliers were the actual drivers of change in a system.  Is this the image on the cover of his book?  My eye doesn’t see fractals or repeating patterns, rather it reminds me of an image I’ve seen of galaxies colliding.  Maybe that’s telling, maybe it isn’t.  All part of the fun.

God Creates Dinosaurs

what do you see?

I also wonder who owns this book.  Clearly there is a desk and some notes in the picture.  Surely Dr. Malcolm isn’t reading his own book.  The notes seem like gibberish.  I wonder if this is the property of our new scientist lady friend, finding inspiration.  Or if its in the hands of a pragmatic who takes it as a warning.  Only time will tell.


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