not drive, DIVE

A Night Out With Lake Street Dive

This weekend was easy going for my girl and I as we both lucked out and decided not to work.  To celebrate, we decided to see one of her new favorite bands, Lake Street Dive.

By Robert Graves

And in all honesty, they should be one of your favorite bands as well.  Lake Street Dive radiates a relaxing mood, and their album should come packaged with a hammock and a Mint Julip.

Rachael Price brings the soul with her full vocals, smoothly accented by Bridget Kearney’s amazing skills on the upright base.  These two alone could own any stage or patch of park, but Mike Calabrese sets the tone with his form fitting percussion. Mike “McDuck” Olson adds a bit of flair with both his trumpet and his guitar. They have fun on stage, and it can be contagious.  Rachael’s big hair swings wildly as she dances rhythmically.   She has a powerful stage presence.

I first heard Lake Street Dive about a year ago.  They were part of a tribute special on HBO called “Inside Llewyn Davis”, a gathering of folk musicians who played tributes and sang songs together.  While the show was hosted by one of my least favorite groups Mumford and Sons, it was an overall great experience.  Lake Street Dive performed their arguably biggest hit “You Go Down Smooth” sinking their hooks into thousands of new fans.

Being such a young group, Lake Street Dive doesn’t have much in their catalog.  But they make up for it in exceptional and transformative cover songs.  Michael Jackson’s “I Want You Back” , Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass”, and Hall and Oates “Rich Girl” are all transformed into something thats uniquely Lake Street.  Everything comes out sounding just a little bit smoother and cooler than originally intended.  While their discography and play styles are varied,  their newest album Bad Self Portraits firmly solidifies the band direction.  It’s a must have for a candle light dinner or picnic date in the park.


or both

To hear Lake Street Dive, you are calmed and excited at the same time.  The songs play out in a subtle jazz rhythm that keeps you on your toes.  The vocals lead you into a story with twists and turns.  Think of a reserved Amy Winehouse, with more folk and less ballroom.  The sound this band produces is powerful, yet quiet.  Ultimately it feels like four friends just having a good time. My one and only complaint falls almost squarely on Mike Olson.  He plays both guitar and trumpet, yet doesn’t seem to be proficient at either.  That issue is exacerbated by the talent pouring out of the other members and makes him stick out.  Hopefully he gains some footing and starts to play like he means it.

We had a wonderful time experiencing the Lake Street Dive in person.  They’re fun and talented and more than likely your new favorite band.  Give them a listen, here is their #1 Summer Jam

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