Dating Profile: Hillary Clinton

Party: Donkey

Name: Hillary Clinton

Age: 68

Location: New York

Occupation:Motivational Speaker, Formally Clinton Foundation, Secretary of State Emeritus

Education: J.D.,  B.A. Political Science

On a Friday Night I Am: Relaxing or with my Granddaughter who is my WORLD 🙂

My Perfect Date Is: Lets do something fun!  I’d like a date where your eyes are on me and not the wait staff.

Dogs or Cats: Love cats, but I don’t mind a hound dog 😉

One Thing I Can’t Live Without:EMAIL! I have so many I own my own server lol

Best Thing About Me:I love children. To me, children should come first.

Worst Thing About Me:Hard to say…Just ask! I’m an open book!

My Life Motto: “it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights”


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