Dating Profile: Jeb Bush

Party: Elephante

Name: Jeb Bush

Age: 62

Location: Florida

Occupation:Board Member Tenet Healthcare, Governor Emeritus

Education: B.A. Latin American Studies

On a Friday Night I Am: I’m from Texas so, I like to look at the stars.  By myself. And my dog Marvin.

My Perfect Date Is: Mi Cita perfecto es a la resteraunte “tex-mex” con mi perro y Coronita!

Dogs or Cats: Dogs!  Marvin is my best bud.

One Thing I Can’t Live Without: AIR! lol!  jeeze easy question

Best Thing About Me: I was once asked to head the NFL!  Are you ready for some football??? I wasn’t, I was governor of Florida at the time.

Worst Thing About Me: The truth is, no lady has ever called me “Tex”.  So I moved to Florida.

My Life Motto: “There’s a fine line between stubbornness and the positive side of that, which is dogged determination.”

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