Much Ado About Bullshit: Jenner Jenner Espy Winner

If you think about it, an opinion is much like that rifle recently flaunted by the old coot strolling through Hartsfield International Airport. But since this is the Internet, I know not much thinking is done here, so I’ll explain. See, that rifle could be a useful tool, and the man has a right to possess it, and technically can have it there or many other places. It’s his choosing, though, to openly display it there—to prove a point—that proves this point: He’s an idiot. Are you with me? It was unnecessary, senseless, provocative. And too-easily misinterpreted.


Slightly Unbiased: Mad Max: Fury Road

From the director that gave us the penguin that danced and the pig that talked, comes the longest and most adrenaline-pumping car chase since the last possible moment you thought O.J. might be innocent. I’ll keep the overview simple: It’s intense, it’s wild, and the action is beautiful. So why did I leave feeling unfulfilled?