The 2015 Oscars

The ultimate popcorn show, The Oscars, graced us with its presence last night.  The star studded event reminded us of our star crossed love with the great film experience.

By Robert Graves

Neal Patrick Harris opened the show with an amazing visual performance musical.  They could have ended the show right there and rolled the award winners over the credits.   Anna Kindrick and Jack Black also made appearances, both as asides to the enchanted and cynical perspectives of the industry.

The Oscars 2015 Opening Act
One of the biggest complaints of The Oscars is the lack of film variety.  This year was no different, and many of us were already aware of The Lego Movie snub.  The Grand Budapest Hotel, American Sniper, Birdman, and Selma dominated the categories.  Others such as Whiplash and Boyhood were introduced as movies I had never heard of.  The Theory of Everything and Still Alice took Best Actor and Best Actress respectively, and should be added to your Netflix queue immediately.

This year’s Oscars were not short on celebrity fun as well.  Lady Gaga performed a Sound of Music tribute to Julie Andrews that stole the show.  Time McGraw appeared to perform a Glen Campbell’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”, a song he wrote to his family after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  John Travolta appeared with Idina Menzel in a throwback joke to last year when Travolta butchered her name.  He continued the tradition by pawing at Menzel’s face for a good awkward minute.  The President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,(whew)Cheryl Boone Isaacs graced the stage to congratulate the industry and to declare war on North Korea.  And somebody accidentally invited Sean Penn.

The Oscars are a yearly reunion of celebrities we forgot we loved and lost emotions from humanizing movie moments.  Its a train wreck event that we drink along with, and at least for a night forget about the cynicisms for the film industry.  We loved you in 2015, and cannot wait for whats in store for 2016.

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