The Daily Show Announces A New Anchor

It is hard to remember a time on The Daily Show before Jon Stewart.  The comedian recently announced his withdrawl from the show much to the dismay of his loyal fans.  Times are always changing.

By Robert Graves

Today, Trevor Noah replaces the long standing Stewart as anchor.

“It’s an honor to follow Jon Stewart. He and the team at ‘The Daily Show’ have created an incredible show whose impact is felt all over the world,” said Noah. “In my brief time with the show they’ve made me feel so welcome. I’m excited to get started and work with such a fantastic group of people.”

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian with his own show Tonight.  He has made appearances on The Daily Show before as a contributor, and has done exceptionally well.

Classic funny man Craig Kilborn was the previous anchor of The Daily Show and daily fun at Talk Soup.  Jon Stewart took the reigns from him in 1999 to much success.  Several spin off shows such as Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.  Companion Stephen Colbert also hosted The Colbert Report, though has recently canceled the show to join The Late Show following David Letterman’s retirement.

We wish this success and more to Trevor Noah, and look forward to his satirical reporting in the future.

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