Author: jarredxmoore

I have opinions when I drink.

BUTT HURT: The Tin Lizzy’s Blah Blah Taco Something Contest, and My Case for the Radiant Pig


A few months back, a Tin Lizzy’s Cantina opened up next door to my job. Don’t worry about my job, just let me tell the story. I think the whole thing was a setup from the jump; maybe a corporate man, who doesn’t really care for tacos OR tequila but still shows up to collect paychecks, got drunk ON tequila and thought, “You know who likes to drink? Jarred likes to drink. I bet if we put a store next to his job, which makes him miserable—the job, not our store–he’ll walk out every night zombie-ing for the nearest beer. AND WE’LL HAVE THAT NEAREST BEER.” (more…)